Dmitry Ustinov

Senior Consultant

  • Digitalisering
  • E-handel och omnikanal
  • Lösningsarkitektur
  • Service design och UX

Experienced multidisciplinary developer

Interfaces are meant for humans not robots. That is why they must be self-explanatory, reliable, informative enough, aesthetic and what is most important — high quality. During more than 15 years career I gained enough experience to implement specifically quality interfaces — doesn’t matter if it’s a simple web-site or complicated application.

My strongest areas of expertise are front-end development and interface design. I’m also interested in application architecture and back-end development. When there is a chance I love to do prototyping and graphic design, I’m also passionate about good typography.

Years ago I turned my hobby to career: by education I’m a teacher — I’ve earned Finnish and English Linguistics and Pedagogics Master’s degree. I’m continuously developing myself: updating existing skills, following new technologies and design trends and learning new as much as possible.